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DATTER invest

founded since 2009


Our company was established by people who love Europe! They fell in love with a small Central European country with amazing history and medieval towns.

Prague lies in the heart of Europe and so does the Czech Republic, where the town of Písek was founded by the famous Czech king Charles IV. himself.


The company’s first projects are located in Písek, 100 km from the capitol city of Prague. Today, the medieval town of Písek offers both historical atmosphere and modern housing facilities - our philosophy is to develop residential housing projects here, as the capital is within easy reach. Current European and worldwide trends suggest a tendency toward living in tranquil areas surrounded by nature.


Nature represents another vital part of our philosophy - it is the key driver of our investments. We focus on ecological buildings with highly efficient energy performance; our goal is to reduce energy consumption as we follow the green path towards alternative, renewable energy sources.


Last but not least, we strive to create investments accessible to the general public. Our planet deserves it, we need it - the more ecological projects we create, the longer we, our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy our beautiful world.

DATTER invest
Naše filozofie
Practice areas

The company Datter does not pursue business activity directly. Datter holds shares in companies where it directs its capital investments while implementation of projects is closely monitored to

ensure the company’s philosophy is preserved.


To this purpose, we currently own the company Denver RealEstate, based in Prague,

with basic capital of 1 million USD




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200 05 Washington

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